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TSELLC Develops Software Brands. These are our current Brands and Sites.

Welcome to The Software Establishment LLC (TSELLC)

We are a virtual company that can do big projects. We will give your project the attention it needs.

Before you send us anything, make sure we have a non-proprietary description of the product, and the non-disclosure signed by an Officer of both companies.   Download the non-disclosure provided and read the two sections.  Return the non-proprietary product section.  If we do not have a conflict we will contact you to send us a signed non-disclosure document.

TSELLC endevors to respond to your input within two working days.

To do business with TSELLC we will need.

  • A non-disclosure signed by an officer of your company.
  • A non-proprietary description of the product.
  • What you would like us to do for, or with your product.
  • Or what you can do with, or for one of our products.

Here is a list of what we will buy.

  • End user programs
  • C++ or .Net Libraries, and Web developer products
  • Approprate Icons and Graphics
  • Dialog Boxes with associated class
  • Ribbon Panels with associated classes

We like to pay for our products with a percent of the sales of the product. We will invest in the refurbishment of the product, the marketing and the sales cost.

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News and Events

>> 10 / October / 2017

The new TSELLC Website was launched. The first 2 sites are being released and the next 2 sites are announced.

>> 10 / October / 2017

Guardian 10 Site and Product are announced.
The Guardian 10 is available for download from the Guardian10 site. Guardian 10 protects you data from ending up in Microsofts Database.

>> 10 / October / 2017

Image Wizard Pro product line and Site are announced.
The Image Wizards Pro products are those that every product and web designer should have.



>> 17 /July / 2013

Prof-UIS announces the release of the MFC Library Version 3.403...

>> 11th / October / 2017

 TSELLC will develop ProfUISPro custom Themes. These themes will be integrated into the ProfUISPro system and updates will automatically be available...



Simon F., Apple App Developer

“Just what we needed. Does everthing we needed and yet is simple to operate.„